Designed for Central Vision Loss

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Monocular Design
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This is a simulation of what someone with Macular Degeneration would see

What is seeBOOST?

seeBOOST is a new category of corrective eyeglasses integrating cameras and a microdisplay with a prescription lens. This combination compensates for the loss of vision of persons afflicted with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) - the leading causes of blindness in the developed world.

What do ophthalmologists say?

What do Low Vision Specialists say?

Low Vision Specialists are doctors who specialize in Low Vision. Many currently demonstrate and sell our product. Click here to see a list of doctors that can demonstrate seeBOOST.

Keep your peripheral vision

seeBOOST targets central vision loss only, so it only covers the affected vision in the center of the retina. As a result, your situational awareness and remaining good peripheral vision is maintained.

Better vision without the headaches

Our monocular design is the most technologically advanced digital eyewear for central vision loss. No heavy headstraps and harnesses. Targets central vision, and does not obscure good peripheral vision.

Easy to use

Designed for people with difficulties using new technologies with numerous buttons, menus, widgets, settings, switches and controls. seeBOOST takes 30 seconds to learn. It's like using a pair of eyeglasses.


Award Winning

Richardson based optical technology startup's seeBOOST wins First Place at Silmo Paris, the world's most prestigious eyewear industry event.

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People using seeBOOST in their daily life

The Blind Life: seeBOOST Low Vision Device

Sam Seavey from The Blind Life reviews seeBOOST. The Blind Life discusses the good, the bad, and the often annoying aspects of living with low vision. You can find videos about assistive technology, helpful tips and tricks and the dos and don'ts of low vision etiquette. All shared with a positive attitude and lots of laughs.

Kevin uses seeBOOST to play guitar

Kevin was born with Low Vision (congenital cataracts). He uses seeBOOST to read sheet music, use his computer, and engage in activities at his local church.

Kevin uses seeBOOST to play guitar

Kevin was born with Low Vision (congenital cataracts) affecting his central vision. He uses seeBOOST to read sheet music, use his computer, and engage in activities at church.

Margaret uses seeBOOST to sew

Sewing has always been Margaret's life passion. With the help of seeBOOST, Margaret is able to use her sewing machine again.


We are technologists with a passion for helping others regain sight

Patrick Antaki


Don Dias


Ronnie Dunn


Russ Lemburg


Advisory Board

Dr. Robert Massof, Ph.D.

Professor of Ophthalmology

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO


New England College of Optometry

Dr. Rajiv Anand, MD

Vitreoretinal Specialist

American Board of Ophthalmology

Dr. Christopher Choat

Associate Professor

Rosenberg School of Optometry

Elizabeth Jones

Professor and co-founder

UT Dallas Center for Finance Strategy Innovation



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