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Demonstrations available from these Low Vision doctors

Low Vision Clinic
Dallas, TX
Dr. Brian Celico, O.D.
(214) 265-1111
Ohio State University College of Optometry
Columbus, OH
Dr. Gregory Hopkins
(614) 292-2020
Chism Low Vision Institute
East Texas and Louisiana
Dr. Mona Douglas
(888) 243-2020
University of Houston Eye Institute
Houston, TX
Dr. Carolyn Carman, O.D.
(713) 743-0799
The Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry
Memphis, TN
Dr. Karen Squier, O.D.
(901) 722-3250
Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons of New Jersey
Cinnaminson, NJ
Dr. Barbara Schmaltz-Eiferman, O.D.
(856) 829-0600
YESnick Vision Center
Las Vegas, NV
Dr. David Yesnick, O.D.
(702) 966-2020
Richlin Eye Associates
Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Lisa Limtiaco, O.D.
(310) 276-5333
Dr. Paul Freeman
Sewickley, PA
Dr. Paul Freeman, O.D.
(412) 359-4405
Kory Cummings, O.D.
Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Kory Commings, O.D.
(817) 294-4834