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Are you concerned even though you have minor vision loss? 

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with so that you know what is available to help you in case your vision progresses to a worse stage.  We hope that you never progress beyond this stage.

Has vision loss now started in the second eye?

We highly recommend that you purchase . Even though you can get by using hand-held magnifiers or enlarging the font on the computer, now is the time to train your brain to learn how to benefit from magnification and contrast enhancement in daily activities. Re-training your brain now (rather than after you have suffered from more severe vision loss) helps you to better adapt as your vision degrades (and let's hope it doesn't).

Have you lost your vision for several years?

will make a significant positive impact to your functional vision, as long as you're willing to invest some effort in learning to see in a new way. You will be engaged in a simple training regimen, resulting in incremental steps towards improved vision. We will work with you and encourage family members and caregivers to be involved in this process.